Laser online elemental analyzers MAYA

Real-time elemental analysis for prompt process control

MAYA Express analyzer has been specially developed to perform express analysis of materials in the shortest terms and at minimum costs. While MAYA Online Analyzers define chemical composition of materials in real time on a conveyor belt, eliminating necessity of sampling and sample representativeness, MAYA Express can be easily placed off-site or close to the production facilities and help a lot in the process control due to simple sample preparation.

Today, once single increment or composite sample has been taken from the material flow, it is sent to a laboratory, where only after long and labor-consuming routine procedures of reduction, division and mixing, usually requiring several hours, can be finally analyzed.

With MAYA Express, you no longer need to go through a long routine procedure of sample preparation. MAYA express requires just minimum and very quick preparation of big sample volume – reduction down to 10 mm by inline crushers or laboratory mills is enough for proper representative analysis.

Based on Laser Induced Distance Spectrometry, MAYA Express is absolutely safe for personnel and environment. Our company will offer the best configuration and calibrations to for express analysis of your materials.

MAYA Express analyzer benefits:

  • simple and low-cost analysis - significant decrease in cost of each analysis as a minimum sample preparation is required;
  • prompt analysis - results are received just in some minutes;
  • no need in extra special equipment, which is usually required for standard laboratory analysis;
  • analysis of quite big sample volumes in real time (e.g. up to 20-30 kg);
  • minimum personnel involvement – minimum human errors.

To meet all your requirements for efficient analysis of different materials, we also offer a software, allowing our customers to adjust initial calibrations based on additional set of samples, as well as to build new calibrations from scratch.