Laser online elemental analyzers MAYA

Real-time elemental analysis for prompt process control

Applications of MAYA Analyzer:

  • Regulating the quality of the ore in stockpiles
  • Stabilizing the composition of raw mixtures (by automatic control of the dosage of raw materials)
  • Quality control of the raw mixture which enters roasting or smelting oven (by regulating the parameters of roasting or smelting)
  • Quality control of the final product in order to adjust the necessary parameters of the production process, thus increasing the output and reducing quality-related customer complaints

MAYA can be installed almost anywhere. It is absolutely safe and emits no ionizing radiation; it is relatively light and compact; it has a high level of protection from dust, moisture, corrosive influence, changes in temperature, bad quality of power supply).


MAYA provides data on the chemical composition of the material which is passing on the conveyor belt to the operator or to an Automated Control System (SCADA). This allows making prompt technical decisions on sorting of the raw material, dosage of ore or components of a mixture, quality control.
Presently, MAYA analyzers are applied in metallurgy, production of refractories, phosphate and potash fertilizers, quality control of ore and final product, stabilization of raw mixtures and flotation control.


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- Nd:YAG, 1064 nm


200 – 960 nm (only visible and ultraviolet optic wavelength range)

Laser safety

automatically stops when/if the door opens or displaced from working position

Ionizing (nuclear) radiation


Operating time

continious, 24/7/365


over the conveyor belt, on the frame

Mechanical mounting

without physical connection to the belt and material

Distance from material surface

~ 30 – 100 cm

Environment Temperatures

-30 - +50 oC

Power Consumption

< 10.5 kVA (220/110VAC)

Air consumption

400-600 l/min

Air quality

2-3 class of purity, -40 - -3 C dewpoint


~ 1.5 (L) x 0.9 (D) x 1.3 (H) m


~ 450 kg


Ethernet TCP/IP (LAN / WiFi)

Protection class


Corrosion protection

stainless steel cabinet (316 grade)

Dusty protection

hermetic cabinet with external maintenance points (air conditioner filter, cleaning liquid)

Vibration protection