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Real-time elemental analysis for prompt process control

Magnesite ore benefication

Many magnesite deposits now are contaminated with Si-, Ca-, Fe- contained minerals such as diabase, dolomite, siderite etc. High concentration of Si, Ca, Fe in the burned powder for firebricks is the main reason of reduction of firebricks stability and furnace-lining life, claims from customers

Under the circumstances main tasks of the magnesium ores benefication are :
- to make rejection decisions in case of contaminationís concentration is above preliminary specified limits 
- to make immediate rejection decisions in case of serious but temporary contaminations, such as large pieces of dead rock (1,2 m), which, after being crushed, appear as 15-30 meter long segments on the conveyor belt and which can significantly affect the quality of the final product
- selection of material with minimal level of contamination for further manufacturing of firebricks

The analyzer, installed above the conveyor belt with crushed ore, transfers in real-time mode the data on the average composition of the ore to the enterpriseís SCADA system, which controls the operating mode of the sorting equipment (diverter flap valve). Interface with the existing SCADA systems is possible through any currently used standards (analog signal 4-20 mA, Excel file, MySQL, MSSQL, OPC server).

Economic benefits of implementing the on-line analyzer in sorting of magnesite ore
      Increased amount of higher quality burned powder for firebrick manufacturing
      Smaller number of claims for replacement due to the rejection of off-grade raw materials and contaminations

Magnesite crushed (0-150 mm) ore benefication/sorting (20 Mb)
For further information please contact us and see
- report about research of Magnesite ores with different kind of contaminations minerals - Diabase (Si), Dolomite (Ca), Siderite (Fe)
- video about installation over the conveyor belt with crushed magnesite ore (20 Mb)