Laser online elemental analyzers MAYA

Real-time elemental analysis for prompt process control

Iron ores benefication
Sintering mix chemistry stabilization

It is well known that the quality of the raw materials which are used in ferrous metallurgy varies greatly. This is indeed one of the main problems of the whole industry, since it makes the composition of the raw mixtures unstable, and thereby lowers the quality of sinter and cast iron, as well the efficiency of blast furnaces. An automatic quality control system, which has real-time access to the data on the quality of the raw materials, can solve this problem, allowing to:
  • Regulate the quality of the crushed ore, which allows sorting it in real-time mode according to the concentration of major and minor elements; among other benefits, this reduces the required size of a bedding stockyard.
  • Stabilize the chemical composition of the sinter due to the automated dosage of the charge components, which increases the stability of the functioning of the furnace and therefore, improves the quality of the final product (cast iron, slag)
  • Perform express quality control of the incoming granular material coal, coke, magnesite powder, ore concentrate, etc. The controlled material can be on a conveyor belt or in train cars.

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