Laser online elemental analyzers MAYA

Real-time elemental analysis for prompt process control

Phosphate and potash fertilizers - field installations and laboratory research

In the phosphate and potash fertilizers production, MAYA laser analyzer has the following applications:

  • Controlling the quality of the extracted ore based on its main and secondary elements (K, Na, P, Ca, Mg, Fe, C, etc.)
  • Determining the content of insoluble precipitations
  • Controlling the dosage of flotation reagents and water, based on the quality of the ore, resulting in an increase of P extraction
  • Controlling the quality of the final product



World’s leading producers of fertilizers, MOSAIC and Uralkali, use MAYA to optimize their technological processes and improve the quality of the final product!


Final product quality improvement, cutting customer’s claims, reduction of water, flotation agents and energy consumption involve investment returns in 2-4 months

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