Laser online elemental analyzers MAYA

Real-time elemental analysis for prompt process control

Coal and coal-bearing materials field and laboratory research

It is well known that coal quality is variable; yet, achieving its consistency is of most importance. Laser Distance Spectrometry On-line Analyzer MAYA allows real-time control of coal quality during mining, coal processing and its industrial consumption, thereby reducing the costs and maximizing the efficiency of process control at every segment of the coal industry.

Laser Distance Spectrometry On-line Analyzer MAYA can be used for

      Quick evaluation and sorting of run-of-mine coal

      Managing stockpiles

      Washery bypass control

      Providing quick feedback on the washing process

      Coal Blending

      Monitoring the quality of the coal is it is loaded/unloaded

      Monitoring the quality of the coal feed and waste at a power plant

Real-time on-line analysis allows tracking and correcting the changes in the product quality as they occur, without any delay, thus providing the following benefits:

      Extending the life span of the coal mine

      Reaching customerís quality requirements

      Reducing coal washing costs

      Increasing yield

      Maximizing profitability

For the detailed description of MAYA On-line Analyzer, please see the brochure and reports

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